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Among the questions Dr. Reeves addresses in the book:

  • Why do liars lie?

  • Why do they get away with lying?

  • Why do the people around liars enable them, even when they know they are lying?

  • Why is it so hard, and unsatisfying, to confront a liar?

  • How can we fight back against liars and the lies they tell—and how can we win?

Smarter Than a Lie

Winning Against Liars Without Losing Your Mind

We are all taught, early in life, that it is bad to lie. But nobody warns us that some people will ignore this rule—to their benefit, and our detriment. While most of us live by the same moral code, we aren’t armed with the tools to deal with the liars who do not.

Rather, our brains are hardwired to make it more likely we will believe liars, and fall prey to manipulators. A truth bias makes our brains default to believing everything we hear as true; a trust bias makes our brains default to trusting people; and an authority bias makes our brains more likely to trust people in positions of power, even if we have information that contradicts what that powerful person is saying.

In this new book, nationally-recognized workplace researcher Dr. Arin N. Reeves delves into the world of liars, the lies they tell, and the ways in which each of us can be smarter than the lies we encounter, especially in professional environments and public spaces.

Smarter Than A Lie will help you understand why liars lie, why their lies are effective, why they tend to be surrounded by enablers, and the most effective strategies the rest of us—the ones who still believe it’s wrong to tell a lie—can use to counteract liars and overcome their lies.


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